Baseball Brawls Not Conducive to Victories for Baltimore Orioles

baseball brawlIn the recent series against the Boston Red Sox, the Orioles had one of those testy moments in the second game that reminded me of past baseball brawls.  In this instance the score was tied at 2-2 when the Red Sox batter took exception to a pitch that he thought was too close to his head while he was attempting to bunt.  Nothing much physical transpired — just a lot of shouting and gesturing — but my thoughts went back to the David Ortiz mound charge of Orioles reliever Kevin Gregg that led to a much more intense brawl on the diamond.

In the current incident, Boston went on to score the lead run later in the inning and closed it out for a victory; then followed that up the next day by overcoming a 5-0 deficit in the late innings for a surprising victory in the bottom of the ninth as the Orioles usually solid defense imploded with 3 errors — including a wild throw to the plate that let in the final run.

I need someone to research the facts for me … but my impression is that these incidents have not turned out well for the Baltimore club.  Either we were already behind and the brawl had an element of frustration (remember way back in 1998 when Armando Benitez plunked Tino Martinez of the Yankees in the back after a Bernie Williams home run and the New York club took obvious exception) or the aftermath of the fracas proved to be a letdown on the part of the Orioles and either immediate defeat in that game or a disappointing outcome in the game that followed.

Now I am not insinuating that the Orioles can be intimidated or that they back down in any way … I am just curious whether the historical record will bear out my recollection that baseball brawls have not turned out to the Orioles advantage in terms of the win-loss column.  This would take more extensive analysis than I am prepared to undertake.