Celebration of Freedom — Fourth of July 2014

As we celebrate our nation’s hard fought freedom on this Fourth of July, I am reminded of the great freedom we have in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I took time this morning to review the message of the book of Galatians.  Born Free . . . Live Free . . .  Stay Free!  Never surrender the liberty of our new life in Christ to the bondage of religious legalism.  It was a good reminder of how we need to continue stand strong in the freedom we have in Christ and not allow any works-oriented false teachers to pervert the gospel of grace.  We were brought into this precious relationship of sonship and heirship by the Holy Spirit and we must continue to live by the Spirit as well.  Check your life out today and see whether it is characterized by the deeds of the flesh or the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  I encourage you to work through the expositional outline of the Book of Galatians.  You can also listen to the Born Free song on You Tube.