Check the Date on Automotive Tires to Avoid Deadly Surprises


Continuing this week on my Tire theme . . . Did you know that automotive tires have a date label?  Check out the last 4 digits on the DOT line.  You can see the week and year of manufacture.  In the picture here the tire was made in the 17th week of 2002.  (If there are only 3 digits at the end instead of 4 then the third digit represents the year in the decade of the 1990s — you have issues at that point!)  This is critical information in light of the shelf life of tires.  While there are no government regulations, you would not want to purchase an older tire which may have been subject to dry rotting.  There are many tragic accident examples where the cause of death was the separation of the tire tread.  This recent expose on TV documents the severity of the problem:

ABC News Video Report

Take a moment and check out the age of your tires — it is not only the tread depth that could be an issue.  This was news to me.  Maybe some retail outlets are not being totally up front with the consumer on the value of what they are offering.