Coach John Harbaugh Has Crossed the Line

As a loyal Ravens fan, I have been a long-time John Harbaugh supporter.  But lately his style of handling the media has crossed the line of civility.  Maybe his success over the years has gone to his head and caused him to lose the sense of humility that I formerly appreciated.  His half-time condescending approach to simple questions asked by Brent Harris during the Redskins preseason game was painful to watch.  The sideline reporter is tasked with trying to extract some comments in situations where sometimes tensions run high — but the coach has no right to be dismissive and downright abusive.  If Coach Harbaugh does not step up to the plate with a sincere apology, one should be demanded by the Ravens owner, by the management that employs Brent Harris and by NFL officials who are concerned with the image of the shield.  Harbaugh went on to compound his petulant behavior by actually denying in the postgame press conference that he had “gone off” on Coach Gruden in an angry exchange of words on the field in the first half.  I don’t think anyone was buying the brush-off answer that Harbaugh could not remember the incident or what was said.  Let’s get back to the John Harbaugh of faith and family values — maybe he needs to eat a Snickers bar!