Cool Website #42: 101 Homeschooling Sites to Follow in 2014

homeschooling sitesIf you have an interest in resources for homeschooling, there is something for everybody at this convenient portal site: 101 Homeschooling Sites to Follow in 2014.  When Karen started homeschooling our children ages ago, she was one of the true pioneers.  She had to look diligently for good resources and had to create her own coop types of support networks to facilitate the process.  Today curriculum choices can be overwhelming — there are so many good options.  It is very helpful to be pointed in the direction of easy places to look for different interests.  Just to give you a quote from the site’s mission statement:

Students don’t all respond well to standard teaching methods, and teachers who can employ a variety of strategies to personalize each student’s education and keep them engaged will be the most successful with pupils of all ages. Homeschooling is becoming a popular choice for parents who feel that their children need highly personalized education and individual attention, but not every family has the means to make homeschooling work. To be successful, current and future educators will need to have the ability to provide individual attention to students while meeting the needs of a whole classroom.

Over a year ago, we published a list of the 25 Best Sites for Homeschoolers in 2012, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Educators, students, and homeschooling bloggers loved it, and it was clear that there’s plenty of room for sharing and learning between all of those groups. With this list, we want to highlight even more of the most amazing websites for homeschoolers.

For families that choose it, homeschooling can be an incredibly enriching and rewarding experience for the students and the entire family. These sites feature diverse opinions and materials, and are not ranked or rated here, merely presented as excellent sources of information for anyone interested in homeschooling.

Check it out!