Cool Website #43: Scripture on Creation

scripture on creationDr. Ben Scripture certainly has a unique name that gets your attention and is a perfect match for his platform to support Creationism: Scripture on Creation.  His website features his radio program where he tackles a wide range of scientific topics that have relevancy to the debate over evolution vs. creationism and the ramifications of the worldwide flood.  He has both the theological training as well as the scientific background to equip him to analyze these topics.

He has been a long-time teaching elder at Bethany Fellowship in Warsaw, IN where Karen and I developed many of our convictions regarding plurality of elder church government.  Ben is a friend and co-laborer in the gospel as we have participated together over the years in supporting the church planting and discipleship ministry in India of Abraham Thomas and the other full time workers in that movement.  Ben has a great sense of humor and a very down-to-earth practical approach that complements his scholarship and academic credentials.  This is an excellent site to keep current on the ongoing issues in this important field where too many evangelicals have caved to the supposed “science” of evolutionary thought.