Dental Expenses Looming In Future

Cornered Dentist

I fear my dentist is preparing me for the outlay of some big bucks. At my recent cleaning as he poked around and grunted and mumbled, I had visions of my bank account rapidly diminishing. He let me go this time . . . but cautioned that he sees some crowns in my future as some of my larger fillings are starting to break down.

I like my dentist’s motto: “We cater to cowards” – but now I am wondering whether that refers to trembling at the prospect of physical pain or contemplating the hit in the wallet.

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  1. Judy Fisher

    Paul, I understand this!

    When I worked I always was blessed to have good dental insurance. So, I thought I had good teeth, which is a rare thing in my family. Both my parents and all of my siblings have false teeth. My little brother is only 44 and he has had them a long time! I find now that I actually don’t have good teeth. I just had great fillings!

    As I am aging, I can not even afford dental insurance but the Lord has provided with his own family and I couldn’t ever express my gratitude to the Lord and His servants whom he has used!