Driver’s Education Class Offers A Few Worthy Morsels


Now that our youngest of four children has begun her drivers ed program, Karen and I realize that our nest will soon be empty. Julie’s busy social and sports calendar has kept her on the move already; but the extra freedom of a driver’s license will just intensify her mobile tendencies. That’s how it is though with this generation. Last week Jenny was teaching a class in Texas for PriceWaterhouseCoopers. In August she will be over in Africa (Mali and the Ivory Coast) auditing the books for Wycliffe as a ministry project. This week Stephen is enjoying a vacation with some friends in North Carolina while Rick is over in Germany for a week of perks associated with his work. After that Rick and his wife Rachel will be off to Puerto Rico for a consulting project with a financial institution for the summer. Then Rick will have to juggle those responsibilities with taking care of his new wife as she starts a teaching position in New York City. It must be nice to be able to afford an apartment in Manhattan that you can’t even use for the next few months! Mom and Dad seem like the only ones with any real roots. We just keep plodding along.

I was interested in some of the educational tidbits that Julie extracted from the otherwise boring three hour drivers-ed sessions. (Just like anything worthwhile in life — it seems that we have attached a large amount of tedium to checking off the correct boxes to get our certificate.) See if you were clued in on the following:

  • Interstates with even numbers run east and west (like I-70)
  • While Interstates with odd numbers run north and south (like I-95) — OK, maybe that was an obvious one …. how about this:
  • For 3 digit numbered interstates… those starting with an even number loop around and connect back to the interstate represented by the last 2 digits (I-295, I-495; I-695)
  • While those starting with an odd number just extend out from the interstate … but never loop back (I-195; I-795)
  • Another sidebar: when you look at an Exit sign on an Interstate, you can tell by the placement of the text whether it is a left or right exit

That’s enough deep thinking for one session… I’m sure the rest of the time was filled with inane stories and outdated movies…..