Faith in What??

Hillary Nofaith

As the political campaign gains momentum I can already tell that I will be forced to express my distaste for the candidacy of Senator Hillary Clinton. Her recent interview where she expresses the depth and sincerity of her own faith is too juicy to overlook:

In response to a question about how she managed the infidelity in her marriage, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-New York, said “I’m not sure I would have gotten through it without my faith.” The White House hopeful answered the question as part of Monday’s Faith and Politics forum at George Washington University moderated by CNN’s Soledad O’Brien.

“I am very grateful that I had a grounding in faith that gave me the courage and the strength to do what I thought was right,” Clinton said. “Regardless of what the world thought. And that’s all one can expect or hope for.”

Sen. Clinton also told the forum audience that she takes her faith seriously and personally, and comes, “from a tradition that is perhaps a little too suspicious of people who wear their faith on their sleeves.”

It takes a crafty politician to come out smelling pious when being queried about her complicity in her husband’s sexual flings. Instead of coming out and admitting that their marriage was one of political convenience she tries to paint herself as a courageous hero. I am not sure what type of grounding she received. I guess it was her resolve to stand by her man and support his blatant lies to the American public. Forget about quizzing her on her “faith” — let’s ask the more fundamental question of whether she considers lying “right” or “wrong.”

This type of vague faith where the object is never defined seems all the rage today. The city of Baltimore is plastered with signs exhorting its beleagured populace to “Believe!” Believe in what?? That is certainly running full steam away from the offense of the cross. How tolerant can one be … you simply fill in the object of faith with whatever suits your fancy. How different from the warning uttered by our Lord Jesus:

Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 10:32-33)

You don’t have to wear your faith on your sleeves, but it sure would be nice if you at least opened your mouth occasionally and gave glory to the person of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ rather than taking a subtle jab at those who are truly men and women of faith. She might take her faith “seriously” — but I’m sure others think it is a joke.