Feel Good Story of the New Year — Cam Calls

You have to read Rick Reilly’s article about who’s been calling the opening play lately for the Playoff Potent Baltimore Ravens.  First, it’s Coach Harbaugh and the new patch on the team jerseys meshing with my sermon series on Nehemiah — the Sword and the Shovel.  Now we find out that Coach Cameron has been allowing a friend of his son’s who is battling cancer to call the TD plays that have been sparking the team.  Talk about aligning the stars.  Good things are happening for the purple and black.

Today I listened to some radio interviews with Matt Stover and it sounded like my own recent career path.  When the team (i.e. Alban Tractor) no longer wanted his services he could have folded his tent and rode off into the sunset.  But the Lord still had more football planned for him.  So when the door opened in Indianapolis (i.e. Johnson & Towers) he discovered that the Lord had new paths planned for him.  Here’s hoping those surprising blessings don’t include kicking the Ravens out of the playoffs Saturday night!