Global Warming Tanning Season Begins With Onset Of Winter


Since Dec 22 is the official start of winter, I thought it fitting to reference the new politically correct societal phobia = the fear of global warming. Despite the protestations of Al Gore to the contrary, I still find that my utility bills reflect a fairly significant chill in the air around this season. I don’t think we will be breaking out the suntan lotion anytime soon. I liked the article forwarded to me by my friend down in Florida, Dr. Sam Lopez.

Check it out – a new Senate report now debunks the idea that man-made global warming has achieved some type of consensus among the scientific community: “U.S. Senate Report: Over 400 Prominent Scientists Disputed Man-Made Global Warming Claims in 2007

Isn’t it amazing that the most intolerant, close-minded people are the supposedly intellectual sophisticates who fear open whenever it comes to challenging their precious agendas. Study this article to see the type of oppressive restrictions placed on scientists who otherwise would speak more publicly about their dissenting views on this subject. You won’t find any Pulitzer Prizes handed out for such politically incorrect research. Instead you find the unending ad hominem attacks linking such distinguished scientists to ancient debunked views like the belief that the world is flat. Isn’t it interesting that the majority of these rabid advocates of environmental accountability shrink back from the reality of man’s ultimate accountability = the fear of God in light of our accountability to our Creator! Let’s put the emphasis where it belongs!