“God Has Never Made a Mistake” — Ray Lewis

It mystifies me how people around the country view Ray Lewis as some type of thug or evil person.  I understand his serious incident with the law way back at the start of his career when he made the mistake of covering up for a friend who had stabbed someone to death rather than coming clean to the authorities immediately.  But he was not the perpetrator of that attack.  He was definitely hanging with the wrong crowd.  All he has done in his 16 seasons with the Ravens has been to exemplify leadership and praiseworthy character.  His sound bytes might not always have a logical flow, but they exude passion and emotion and inspiration and a positive spirit.

You learn a lot about a person in times of adversity.  Just look at how he responded to the Ravens heartwrenching departure from the playoffs in the last seconds against the Patriots.  For all of his competitiveness and hard play between the lines (you never see Ray involved in any chippy or dirty cheap shotting tactics), when the final whistle blows he is the first one to accept the outcome and move on with a positive outlook on life.  He appreciates the privilege of playing in the NFL but keeps things in perspective — recognizing that it is only a game.  In the locker room afterwards he emphasized that “God has never made a mistake.”  The team achieved their intended destiny in that sense.  No one person or one play was at fault.  Every one should hold their head high and remember that they gave 100% towards the team goal.  There is no sulking with Ray and no excuses.  There is only the joy of living life from the perspective that God is ultimately in control.  How is that a “thug mentality”?

Look at how he is respected by his peers.  Probably no leader of his stature in the NFL spends more time trying to nurture and encourage other players who are not on his team.  He is truly a unique leader and it is time the media focuses on that profile so that people outside of Ravens nation understand the overall contributions Ray makes to the spirit of competition.

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