Gold Glove Trifecta Demands Upgrade in Orioles Pitching

gold gloves

If Defense and Pitching win championships … then I guess the recent awarding of 3 Golden Gloves to Orioles players (Hardy, Machado, Jones) for the 2013 season underscores our need to improve the pitching staff.  [We had 3 other legitimate contenders at other positions as well – so our defense can’t be the problem.]  Every year for the past decade, the Orioles have greatly hyped and overrated their starting pitching prospects.  We keep being told that the crop that is just one or two years away from the big leagues will produce some front line talent.  But the disappointments continue.  Now that Bundy is coming off Tommy John surgery and Grossman has only been serviceable in spot relief, we are left grasping at straws once again.

It seems that management has shifted gears to try to convince the fans that quantity will somehow erase the deficiencies of lack of quality.  We have plenty of contenders for the #4 and #5 starting pitching roles, but no genuine aces to stack up against the clubs that are making it into the postseason.  This is not a problem easily fixed via free agency – even if we had the resolve to spend the big bucks on long term contracts.  Our philosophy has been to stockpile good pitching prospects and try to develop them through our minor league system – while saving the free agency bucks for buying that position player that would put us over the top.  But our pitching developmental program has consistently misfired. The high profile top draft choices have failed to make their mark.  Injuries have been a huge problem.  We finally have a good core of position players but lack the pitching to get us over the top.

I guess we should bank on ground ball pitchers who will keep the ball in the Yard and give our defensive standouts a chance to make a play.  Avoid walks and cut back on the homeruns and see if we can win a higher percentage of the close games that seem to be our destiny.  [Interesting that the initial feedback from the newly hired pitching coach tracked right along those same points.] Pitching aces are nowhere in view.