Lost and Found — Emotional Roller Coaster

lostfoundMy dear wife brings a special type of adventure to every day.  It is the excitement of wondering whether you will ever find what you have temporarily misplaced.  Just the other day we had a triple dose.  At one point we were searching for her teacher gradebook (not an easy thing to replace in mid semester) … then we moved on to the American Express card (of a little more concern to me personally) … and as we climbed into bed we celebrated by crawling around on the floor for the missing backing to an earring.  But the common denominator (for you math students out there) is that everything gets found!  That’s why I don’t get too excited at the distressed announcement of another potential scavenger hunt.  Actually, Karen takes it all in stride as well.  For the really serious cases where customary searching fails, we resort to prayer.  It has been amazing to see how many times the Lord has helped us recover items after we turn to Him for help.  He really is interested in the details of our lives.