Pet Peeve #33: Telephone Behavior That Makes No Sense


Playing phone tag can be particularly irritating — especially when you are trying to nail down a critical piece of information.  In this age of answer machines and phone prompt directories we are not surprised at the difficulty of making person-to-person connection — even with the proliferation of cell phones.  But some people compound the vexation with some curious uncalled for dodge maneuvers.  If I call someone and leave a message with all the particulars about the answer to the question that I am seeking I should be just one return call away from bringing my pursuit to a successful conclusion.  But rather than following what I would term to be intuitive behavior or just plain common sense, some people don’t seem to have a clue.  They return the call . . . but instead of leaving the relevant details on my answer machine . . . they feel obliged to deliver the goods directly . . . so they just reply “Sorry I missed you, tag you’re it.”  Who has the time or patience for this cycle of futility!  [This actually was not one of my pet peeves but was written at the request of one of my co-workers . . . I hope they weren’t complaining about me!]

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  1. Cheryl

    So someone else shares my frustration over folks not leaving a reply to a phone message! I had to chuckle at this one. It is one of my top pet peeves. It seems so logical to me that if I call and ask someone a question, why can’t they just deliver it to my voicemail instead of playing the “tag, you’re it game”? What’s the point of voicemail anyway, if not that?