Pet Peeve #35: Freezing the Kicker at Last Second is Bush Move

refThe NFL needs to modify its rule allowing a timeout to be called at the last possible second before the final field goal attempt at the end of a game.  I have no problem with the strategy of trying to ice the kicker (no different than icing a free throw attempt in basketball).  But you should not be allowed to create the type of confusion that allows the play to go forward (as in Sunday night’s winning field goal by the Giants against the Cowboys) and all of the emotion of the players and the crowd to be expressed — only to have the play nullified by a timeout that was called at the last possible second.  That strikes me as unethical behavior.  I agree with Bob Costas who argued for changing the rule.  (It was interesting that former Coach Dungy did not seem to have a problem with the scenario — he felt it gave the kicker an advantage of taking a practice kick).  This would be a difficult practice to regulate — maybe you should not be able to call timeout after the placekicker is in position and has signalled with his hand that he is prepared for the snap.