Pet Peeve #40: American Airlines Baggage Fee Policy

The approach that American Airlines has adopted to try to squeeze some more revenue from their baggage fees rubs me the wrong way.  I understand that they want to appear as the low cost provider so that they tack on a $25 fee for checking a bag rather than including it up front in the ticket price.  What seems unfair to me is that the customer who plans ahead and realizes that he probably needs to bite the bullet and pay the fee and check the bag because his group number (8-9) might make it difficult to find overhead storage space gets a raw deal.   When it comes time to board, you often find out that American Airlines is willing to waive the fee for those who volunteer at that point to give up their overhead space and have their back checked — now for free.  What about the customer who already paid?  Why don’t they get that fee refunded?  Something seems out of whack here.

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