Political Spin Doctors Count on Public’s Gullibility


As the 2008 Presidential campaign heads into the homestretch, the spin doctors buff the Teflon finish of their candidate with creative excuses for what looks like obvious poor judgment. For the most part the gullible public accepts the various deceptions and the investigative reporting registers temporary blemishes that then roll off and fail to inflict permanent damage.

How else can one explain the sustained popularity of Hillary Clinton? Somehow she has escaped the stigma of her Rose Law Firm shady real estate transactions, her miraculous financial success in the cattle futures market and even her own accountability for the loose living of her profligate husband. She managed to portray herself as an innocent victim, having no insight at all into the whole Monica mess until such time as the sordid details became public. Talk about who we want answering the phone at 3 AM in the morning … is it someone who has so little discernment that they can’t see one affair after another under their very nose?? Certainly an intelligent woman like Hillary could not have been so isolated and blinded. Yet that is what she would have the public believe as she forges ahead as an ongoing viable candidate.

Now Barack Obama has been forced to resort to some fancy dancing as well – trying to claim that he was unaware of the inflammatory statements of his close friend and pastor for the past 20 years. OK, maybe he wasn’t taking notes every Sunday, but his ears could not have been clogged that badly. The press wrongly imagines that the issue is one of pinning him down on the facts – e.g. what particular service did he attend where specific statements were made? In politics it has never been about the facts. It is all about the skill of the manipulative spin doctors to divert attention and guide the compliant public beyond another bump on the devious campaign trail. Again, is this the type of world leader that we are being asked to support?? One who despite such close association with a mentoring friend had no concept of his political bent and fervent fanaticism?? Spare me.

As always we have sophisticated candidates who are crafting their best possible make-believe personas in hopes of grasping that longed for holy grail. The public needs to vote with their eyes wide open and not be shocked at what they get come November. Here’s some recent details along these lines from the Herald Tribune:

Senator Barack Obama was struggling Monday to shrug off what he himself called “incendiary” comments by his former minister, and was weighing whether to deliver a major speech on race to try to put the matter behind him.

As political blogs and cable television continued to air remarks by the minister, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright Jr. – saying, “God damn America” and suggesting that the country bore some blame for the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 – Obama moved forcibly to distance himself, saying in a message to the liberal Huffington Post blog, “I vehemently disagree and strongly condemn the statements that have been the subject of this controversy.”

“I categorically denounce any statement that disparages our great country or serves to divide us from our allies,” he wrote. “I also believe that words that degrade individuals have no place in our public dialogue, whether it’s on the campaign stump or in the pulpit. In sum, I reject outright the statements by Reverend Wright that are at issue.”

Obama was reportedly considering delivering a major speech on race-related issues later in the week.

Analysts and even some supporters said that the matter involving Wright, who is black, could create serious trouble for the Illinois senator, whose support appears to have waned among some whites even as he struggles to define himself in the minds of many American voters.

Obama might be able to ride out a sub-controversy over whether he was actually in the pew of his Chicago church when Wright made the “God damn America” remarks – he has denied it, and news video shows him in Florida that day. Still, his close relationship to Wright over many years will complicate his efforts to detach himself.

Wright married the Obamas and baptized their two daughters. The title of one of Obama’s books, “The Audacity of Hope,” came from a Wright sermon.

Some supporters emphasized the degree of separation and argued against guilt by association. But critics contended that the embrace was too close to deny persuasively.

“Obama is meant to be the man who transcends the divisions of race, the candidate who doesn’t damn America but ‘heals’ it,” the conservative commentator Mark Steyn wrote on National Review Online. “Yet, since his early 20s he’s sat week after week listening to the ravings of just another cookie-cutter race huckster.”

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  1. Judy Fisher

    I am so sick of this whole election & It isn’t anywhere near November. How can obama distance himself from a pastor he sat under and consider a mentor in the early break on this! I became sick of the whole mess when his wife made the statement “This is the first time she has been proud of america”! and yet the media gave her a “Free pass”!

    Anyone who is a American has to have a serious amount of pride at the heroes who gave their lives in World War II…

    Ok, I am too old and no one remembers that time,lets go to 9/11. All those people who gave their lives to try to save the people trapped in the burning buildings… Or the way people responded with making meals and providing everything they could to help in the rescue! The people on the plane that crash in PA — rather than have it reach a target to blow some other building up — bravely found against the terrorists!

    Every time there is a crisis anywhere in the world the first ones on the scene with support are the Americans! I could go on and on but i guess i have lived long enough to be proud of my Country… I am ashame of both candidates. What fear it strikes in me if either of them were elected to the highest office in the land!