Smug and Smirky Earn Another Super Bowl Berth

Tom Brady is the epitome of the definition of “smirky” = To smile in an annoying self-satisfied manner; and you could not find a more fitting picture of “smugness” than Bill Belichick — although his exuberance broke through at the end of the game against Jacksonville Sunday evening.  Their win-at-all-costs and by-all-means approach has certainly proved successful . . . but it also has galvanized almost universal opposition from the non-New England NFL fan base.  The Eagles should have a lot of support in the upcoming Super Bowl.  The poor Jags proved to be the more physical team and had every opportunity to derail the Patriots Express.  But they gave up some silly pass interception penalties to gift Brady with a TD in the closing minute of the first half.  Then they inexplicably fell into the trap of trying to just hang on to a 10 point lead in the fourth quarter rather than continue to put the offensive pedal to the floor.  The only way to beat Brady is to expose his defense and out-score him.  You can never count on your defense (no matter how highly touted) holding him off the scoreboard when it really counts.  The vanilla first down runs that the Jaguars offensive coordinator called down the stretch doomed them to keep giving Brady opportunities to bring his team back.  Once again the nation has to endure the images of Smug and Smirky on the mountain peak of football triumph.

There is probably no clearer portrait of the idolatrous nature of NFL football than the upcoming movie: Tom vs. Time.  Listen to Brady’s testimonial of his formula for success: “If you’re gonna compete against me, you’d better be willing to give up your life, because I’m giving up mine.”  That sounds strangely familiar to some of the discipleship quotes in the New Testament.  At least he is honest about where his heart and devotion lie.  But where your heart is, there your treasure is as well.  Fame and glory in this life are fleeting compared to worshiping and serving the Lord Jesus Christ.  Humility and dependence on the Lord Jesus will take someone a lot farther down the road than Smug and Smirky.