Sports Withdrawal Makes February A Tough Month

Feb Calendar

Now that the Super Bowl is over, the harsh reality of the month of February sinks in. Football disappears until August; March Madness doesn’t begin until March 15 (and for Terps fans probably won’t even exist); baseball holds no excitement for Orioles fans (a revamped bullpen just means that our losses should be fairly close this year); ice hockey is still trying to recover from its senseless one-year hiatus; golf just reminds us of how poorly we play what looks like such a simple game (or reminds us of how bleak our weather is right now compared to the pleasant climes on the golf circuit); NBA only holds interest for those who like to see former street thugs rewarded with huge salaries.

It was good to see Peyton Manning and Tony Dungee get the win yesterday. It was a sloppy game in the rain, but they outplayed the Bears big-time – by far more than the final score indicated. It was nice to see two Christian coaches set the example for how the top prize could be achieved without the intimidation tactics and in-your-face ranting and raving of some of the older school coaches (Bill Parcells and Bobby Knight take note). To have a reputation of never cursing or even raising your voice in anger in such a highly charged sports arena is a very impressive testimony.

But now what is a sports fan to do? I guess February is reserved for trying to connect back up to your longsuffering sweetheart (Valentine’s Day is right around the corner) and cuddling up on the couch for her favorite chick flicks. (My DVD machine isn’t even working right now… so I might need an electronics upgrade.) I guess NASCAR fans can always shout “Gentlemen, start your engines“… but that doesn’t do it for me. (Maybe the failure of the Cat 22 car to compete has dulled my outlook.) At least it’s a short month – that’s some consolation!