Suggested Branding for Dr. Ben Carson’s Campaign

ben carson campaignI have never devoted much energy previously to the political process, but I am attracted to Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign and believe that he is the leader our country needs in these difficult times.

Mr. Trump has successfully branded his campaign with the slogan “Make America Great Again.” As a skilled marketing genius he understands how the “Big Idea” concept of a simple target phrase can capture people’s attention and become memorable. I believe that Dr. Carson’s campaign needs something similar to keep coming back to and to give his campaign focus.

He will mainly be attacked along the lines of lack of experience in the political arena in terms of:

– dealing with the complexities of pushing his agenda through interaction with the legislature

– developing solutions to complex economic challenges

– navigating the dangerous waters of international affairs, etc.

Carson’s strengths are his character (which too many people since the Clinton days have minimized as having any connection to productive leadership) and his good judgment and discernment – e.g. he is smart and used to making decisions under pressure and he will be able to weigh the counsel from many sources and come to good governing decisions.

It is not enough to talk through these points from various angles as if repetition and reinforcement will effectively communicate to the American people. For the most part, we live in a sound-byte, media driven society where people have very little attention span or appetite for engaging their minds to sift through contrary points of view. Things must be served up to them in very simple, targeted phrases.

I suggest branding his campaign around the following:

GOOD JUDGMENT TRUMPS BAD EXPERIENCE – this would especially be effective against those who have extensive experience in the political arena (Like Hillary Clinton), but with little to show in terms of tangible results. I have heard him address this topic – but he needs to hammer away at it with some type of catchy slogan.

GOOD CHARACTER TRUMPS RASH RESPONSES – this would be directed against Mr. Trump in particular. How do people react under pressure? This should be a key criteria for presidential leadership.

I know Dr. Carson has committed to run a positive campaign and I like that approach … so the emphasis in both would be developing his profile as both good in judgment and in character; but one cannot avoid labeling the deficiencies of your opponents.

HEAL *INSPIRE * REVIVE   in my opinion has not had the same type of impact as Trump’s slogan.  This slogan definitely meets the positivity test but does not say enough about his distinctive strengths and why voters should choose him over his opponents.