Terps Dominated by Blue Raiders in Shocker


Maryland: 14  MTSU: 24

You might be thinking that all of the breaks must have gone in favor of Middle Tenn State.  But that was not the case.  Take away the two long Terp scoring plays and they were pathetic.  Chris Turner had a career-poor performance: locking on to his receivers, making poor decisions, overshooting open receivers, throwing into double and triple coverage . . . you name it.  He had no confidence and no touch on the ball all night and his three interceptions were killers.  Those fade plays in the end zone brought back nightmares of Brian Billick calls for the Ravens.  Portis has to wonder how poorly he must be rated if the Coach wouldn’t give him more snaps in a game like this.  (They have to stop calling just runs when he is in the game — terrible playcalling.)

The no huddle spread offense of the Sun Belt Blue Raiders seemed to keep Maryland back on their heels all game.  Maryland could not even match the physical play of their lower ranked opponent.  Their tackling was especially weak.  Instead of making contact with an impact, they tried to wrap up runners and got dragged for extra yardage.  The momentum seemed to slip away from Maryland after their place kicker missed another easy field goal shot — showing great accuracy in hitting the uprights as he did last week.  It might be time to audition someone else from the soccer team for this key slot.  The overwhelming time of possession advantage for the Blue Raiders in the first half set the stage for an anxious and panicky Terp attack in the second half.  The game just slipped away without the Terps ever rising up to smash the underdog in the face.  One thing that surprised me was that the home crowd was not more raucous and celebratory in this upset victory.  This makes two mediocre showings for Maryland so we cannot expect much out of this season.