The Choice is Clear

mccain obama

I can’t keep quiet any longer.  It frustrates me that McCain has such a difficult time stating his case clearly.  For some reason he continues to want to play nice instead of simply laying out the stark contrast between the two candidates.  With only one week left, his only chance is some hard-hitting bluntness; but it appears that he is going to succumb to guilt by association with the economic crisis that has blown up under Bush’s ineffective leadership.  Are the American people such simpletons that they are going to base their vote on laying the blame for our failed economy at the feet of Senator McCain?  There are a lot of key factors that must be evaluated — factors where the next President will have a major impact on the future direction of our country.  Let’s make sure that we are voting with our minds and not just our pocketbooks.

So here are some stark contrasts between the two tickets — you make the call!

McCain – Palin Obama – Biden
Historic Capitalism — creating jobs and wealth Redistribution of wealth — increasing our welfare state
Limiting government Raising taxes and increasing the role of government
Wise in foreign affairs (cf. supporting the surge) Naive in foreign affairs (numerous examples)
Pro Life Radically Pro Choice
Supports traditional marriage Supports entire gay agenda
Tested toughness under fire Gifted speaker — OK, extremely gifted speaker
Proven character and integrity Shocking associations with people like Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers — shows poor judgment
Maverick who will push for his conscience on issues Shrewd politician who breaks his word on issue of campaign finances
Unashamedly pro-American Wife stated early in the campaign that this was the first time she could be proud to be an American
Long record of bipartisan accomplishments No history of executive leadership
Life of service to his country Unclear what his long term objectives and mission really are
By far the better leader as Commander in Chief Completely unproven in military leadership — such that even Biden says Obama will invite a major test
Appoint suitable Supreme Court Justices Install extreme revisionists who want to legislate from the bench
True centrist (where I prefer a conservative) Most liberal voting record in the Senate
Hollywood hates McCain Hollywood loves Obama — that should tell the tale