United Nations – The Futility of Impotence

The building is impressive and the flags are a nice touch … but the sad reality is that the United Nations is nothing but an empty shell. It was formed with lofty goals along the same lines as its forerunner – the League of Nations which was established in 1919 under the Treaty of Versailles “to promote international cooperation and to achieve peace and security.” Unfortunately, humanistic idealists continue to deny the reality of their own depravity in this fallen society. Therefore, they pursue the same optimistic path of futility as did the builders of the Tower of Babel. Mankind has proved throughout history that “World Peace” might be a nice platitude for a meaningless bumper sticker but as an actionable agenda it will fail miserably until the Prince of Peace returns to set up His kingdom of righteousness.

It is only the pride of man that presumes that they can act independently from their Creator in legislating cooperation and civility. Just ask King Nebuchadnezzar about the limits of mankind’s sovereignty and kingdom capability. God cast him down from his lofty perch to graze in the pasture as a dumb cow.

That is not to say that we should abandon legitimate attempts to dialogue with other nations in order to arrive at a united platform of pursuing common objectives. But the time has long past where the United Nations can function as an effective forum. It has degenerated into an anti-American debating society that we end up subsidizing on our own soil – not a very smart move on our part.

Just listen to this analysis by Sean Robins:

The United Nations continues to prove to the world, and to posterity, why it is at best a hapless and useless institution; at worst, a tool for the proliferation and defense of totalitarian regimes the world over. The U.N. continues to make the urgent case for a pullout by this country. Continued membership constitutes not only active assent to the consequences of its impotence in virtually every nook and cranny of its mission, but complicity in the despicable and inhumane actions of the vast majority of the tin-pot dictatorship which constitute much of the U.N.’s membership. In the Darfur region of the Sudan, “Rome burns” while Kofi Annan and a weak-willed U.N. “fiddles.” While debating such essential preliminary issues as what the meaning of the word “is”…uh, “genocide” is…tens of thousands of villagers continue to meet their demise at the hands of the militias. While the United Nations negotiates with al-Bashir’s government over controlling the militias, the idea that Sudan’s dictator is interested in doing so continues to rise in comedic pique.

Read the strong words of Colin Powell calling on the UN to act in light of the atrocities in Sudan:

Examples of the impotence of the United Nations go way beyond the present passivity in the tragic genocide in the Sudan:

  • The UN has shown no backbone in its dealings with the issues in North Korea
  • The UN continues to sit on the sidelines in the battle to stem terrorism
  • The list goes on and on…

The bottom line is that no country is scared of the United Nations and the sanctions they can enact. Tyrannical leader after tyrannical leader has thumbed their nose at the UN’s weak pleas for compliance. Why should the United States continue to show any respect for its process or constituency? As one analyst sums it up: Let’s just take our ball and go home…

The author was speaking about pulling out of the Middle East as a stabilizing influence … but the same sentiment could easily apply to pulling out of the United Nations as well. We say that we are worried about world opinion and want to engender global goodwill … but every country seems to hate us anyway … why subsidize them pouring fuel on the fire? We can find other contexts to channel our charitable dollars with greater impact and less aggravation.