White For Harvest

White Harvest

Today’s message at Open Door Bible Church from Pastor Brian Racer on John 4 challenged me to examine my level of excitement regarding sharing the gospel with those around me who potentially are white for harvest.

Apparently the disciples had lost some of their excitement at sharing the gospel (at least with certain groups of people whom they prejudged as not worthy or not ready for the gospel message) and had allowed their temporal needs for food and drink to distract them from the urgency of their evangelistic mission.

I have to ask myself, “How excited am I at the opportunity to tell others about Jesus Christ?” Just last night I let an ideal opportunity slip away because I was more concerned with having some private moments of entertainment rather than ministering to a potentially needy soul. With my family away in Florida for a beach vacation while I remain at work (Florida in August is not my favorite thing – I prefer New England in the Fall!), I have the freedom to ‘batch’ it for a time. I chose to take in the movie The Bourne Supremacy (too many meaningless chase scenes . . .) at our local theater. The Hollywood theater in Arbutus used to be a bargain with $1 seats before it burned down and was rebuilt – but still pretty reasonable. It was Saturday night and the only other patron was a teenage boy (about 18) sitting across the aisle from me all alone on Saturday night with his tub of popcorn. A teenager without any friends on a Saturday night cries out as a needy soul. (He could have thought the same thing about me. You know, the old man needs to get a life . . .)

We engaged in some small talk while waiting for the main attraction to start – but I was happy to avoid any serious interaction and indulge my appetite for some time alone. Now I stand convicted of a lack of excitement and sense of urgency about the possibility of creating some curiousity or interest on the part of this young fellow. Just as Christ had to pass through Samaria to keep His divine appointment with the strategic woman at the well, we each have our divine appointments as well. Today might very well be the day of salvation for some heart God has sovereignly prepared for the implanting of the word of truth. Where is my excitement at the prospect of such an opportunity?