Book of Daniel

The Book of Daniel shows us that the Supreme God Reigns Over All and is working out His kingdom program down through history. Dare to be a Daniel!

In order that the living may know that the Most High is ruler over the realm of mankind, and bestows it on whom He wishes…” – Daniel 4:17

Our God whom we serve is able to deliver us.” – Daniel 3:17


Big Idea:

The Supreme God Reigns Over All And Is Working Out His Kingdom Program Down Through History

Basic Outline:

1:1-21 The Sovereign God Raises Up Loyal Leaders And Equips Them To Accomplish His Purposes

2:1-49 Man’s Inability Requires God’s Sufficiency — True Wisdom And Power Come From The Sovereign God

3:1-30 The God Who Is Supreme In Saving Power Deserves Our Unswerving Loyalty Despite The Pressure Of Intense Persecution

Why Study This Book?

  • We need heroic examples of uncompromising faith and courage in standing up for God against the pressures of a Satanic dominated culture. How can we be holy and yet still have an impact on the world around us?
  • We need insights into spiritual leadership. How does God prepare a man for leadership? How does leadership manifest itself?
  • We need to be reminded of God’s sovereign control over all the nations, over history and over our individual lives so that we come to rest in His Providential care.
  • We need to be warned against pride so that our confidence is not in our own adequacy but in the God who enables and delivers us.
  • We need the prophetic sections and the Messianic sections to give us confidence in God’s faithfulness to His promises and hope for the coming future manifestation of the kingdom of God.


Notable Quotes:

Malick: Even though Israel is experiencing judgment at the hands of the Gentile nations, the Lord encourages her, through numerous circumstances and visions, that He is sovereignly in control of her present situation, He will deliver those who faithfully trust in Him, and in the end of time He will ultimately deliver her from the Gentiles by judging the Prince to come and resurrecting all saints.

Walvoord: In the dark hour of Israel’s captivity, with the tragic destruction of Jerusalem and its temple, there was need for a new testimony to the mighty and providential power of God. Such is afforded by the book of Daniel… The book of Daniel, like Esther, reveals God continuing to work in His people Israel even in the time of their chastening. In this framework the tremendous revelation concerning the times of the Gentiles and the program of God for Israel was unfolded.

Zeisler: Dare to Be a Daniel is a revivalist hymn written in the mid-nineteenth century. These are the lyrics of the chorus:

“Dare to be a Daniel, Dare to stand alone! Dare to have a purpose firm! Dare to make it known!”

This chorus is a good start for this series of studies in the book of Daniel. It takes some boldness to enter the places we are going to go. Some texts of Scripture speak with subtlety, and in some God whispers words of tenderness and encouragement. But not in the book of Daniel! There is nothing subtle or tender about the accounts and visions that are recorded here. This book consists of big considerations: emperors, war, fires, beasts, angelic visits, the end of the age.

Stedman: God doesn’t introduce the prophetic section first, but brings us through six chapters into an understanding of the moral character he requires of the reader before the prophetic program can begin to make sense. In other words, you can’t understand the last section of Daniel unless you have lived through and understood what is involved in the first six chapters. There is no way to understand what the prophetic program means unless you first grasp the moral lessons of the first part of the book. There is no way to cheat on this. You can’t just read it through, and then turn to the prophetic program and hope to understand. You will find that you get nothing out of it. You really have to carefully analyze these initial chapters, think them through, begin to walk accordingly, and experience them, before the prophetic program comes to life. That is the glory of God’s book. You can’t understand it with just the intellect.