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From this Commentary Page you can select any of the Adobe PDF commentaries that are available. You can then read the commentary online or save it to your hard drive. Each study contains a thorough analytical outline that focuses around the Big Idea of the book. The sections are usually divided into a suitable size for preaching or teaching through the book - with each once again centered around a Big Idea. At the end of every section you will find some Application-oriented questions and helpful notes from other commentators.
Old Testament

bookofsamuel Book of 2 Samuel
God' Power And Providence Sustain His Kingdom Program Amidst The Challenges Of David's Reign

bookoflamentations Book of Lamentations
The author pouring out his grief over the devastation of the city of Jerusalem. The images of death, destruction, starvation, even cannibalism are so graphic and gripping that you know this is an eye-witness account.

bookofpsalms Book of Psalms
The Book of Psalms best connects the heart of man to the heart of God.

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